Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where *Does* The Time Go?

TimeFlies by Redgum
TimeFlies, a photo by Redgum on Flickr.
My son needed my help with a homework assignment for his lifespan development class this week. He needed me to provide ten 'Snapple Facts' about him from birth to age five, and ten more from age ten to age twenty. I guess the professor doesn't care how awesome he was from age 5 to age 10. Let me state for the record that he was awesome. Really fucking awesome.

I'm feeling extra mom-ish this evening (and for those of you who don't know me, that means I have grown a second uterus and now have twice the estrogen coursing through my body), so I decided to share his 'Snapple Facts' with the world. These are definitely not the best stories about him growing up--I felt like I had to sanitize them a bit for his class because I didn't want to embarrass him too much--but they are pretty awesome nonetheless...and I know, I am now four blog posts behind. I'll get right on those...

  1. Only 10% of babies are born on their due dates. Flint was born on his due date, September 9, 1991.
  2. Flint's first word was 'hungry,' first spoken (barely intelligibly—sounded more like 'nnnnngeeeeee') at 4 months, and later very clearly at 9 months. Other early words include 'moon' and 'airplane'.
  3. Flint had his first surgery at 6 months of age—a set of ear tubes. By age 5 he had had 3 surgeries to insert 3 sets of ear tubes. He also had his tonsils and adenoids removed at age 3.
  4. Flint was speaking in complete sentences and conversant at the age of 1.
  5. At the tender age of 1, while sitting in his car seat in the back of his parents' station wagon, Flint began to sing Radiohead's 'Creep'. Actually, he sang 'Cweep.' *ADORABLE*
  6. At the age of 2, Flint displayed an understanding of the mathematical principle of subtraction while playing with Busy Bears with his mom. She took three yellow bears away, and quick as a snap, he said, “Now there are only two yellow ones, Mommy.”
  7. Flint essentially toilet trained himself. He saw Pull-Ups at Target on a shopping trip with his mom and said he wanted them. She said those were only for kids who went to the bathroom on the toilet. He said he could do that. She bought them for him and he did. Easy Peasy (see what I did there?).
  8. At age 3, Flint was the ring bearer at his parents' wedding and cut quite a mean rug with all the ladies at the reception.
  9. During his preschool years, Flint used to hide his mother's keys, every morning, in his toy box, in the hopes that they would just stay at home and play instead of both going to school.
  10. When Flint was 4, he had a crush on a girl at summer day camp—Nicole. When asked what he liked so much about Nicole, he replied with a sigh, “She has the most beautiful forehead.”
  1. At age 10, Flint could beat ANYONE at Mancala. Anyone.
  2. Flint had a red mohawk at age 12.
  3. When Flint was 12, he took walks through the forest preserve with his mom on the weekends—the longest walk was 16 miles.
  4. In 5th and 6th grade, Flint and his friends did their own weekly version of Mad TV/SNL.
  5. Flint played basketball, baseball and football, until age 12, when he discovered lacrosse. He has played lacrosse ever since.
  6. Flint was struck by lightning at age 13 while sitting on a chair near a window in his bedroom. His mother was totally freaked out.
  7. Flint was a starter on the high school varsity lacrosse team freshman year, lettered in high school lacrosse sophomore year, made high school lacrosse All Conference Junior and Senior year and was Captain of the high school lacrosse team Senior year.
  8. Flint crossed the finish line of the 2011 Chicago Marathon with his mother, after meeting her at miles  14, 17 and 19.
  9. Flint volunteered in a soup kitchen from age 12-19 completely of his own volition, without any prompting from his mom.
  10. Flint made the Dean's List both semesters of Freshman year of college.
See? Isn't he awesome? *sigh* I just love that kid...


Chrisa said...

He is pretty awesome. I hope to see him over winter break!

ShesAllWrite said...

We would love that! I want him to meet your awesome family!