Saturday, November 12, 2011

Party Time

.: Intrigue :. by Stampest
.: Intrigue :., a photo by Stampest on Flickr.
Today my friend Chrisa is having a party--the first of the cold weather season. I am appropriately dressed in a red, sparkly turtleneck, hair up and no makeup, save for sheer nude gloss and a dramatic sweep of liquid eyeliner.

Chrisa and I hung out in her room getting ready while her husband ran out to get the ice we forgot. I borrowed her brush, her curling iron, a spritz of hair spray and a pair of giant faux diamond earrings, and finished dolling myself up while she got dressed and ready (shhh--she is wearing her leopard print bra and it's gorgeous). I had just as much fun getting ready tonight as I did when I was 12, sitting on my best friend Elizabeth's sink, getting ready to sneak off to a dance with high school boys.

We're not sneaking off to a dance, just heading downstairs to a house full of friends and whining dogs (okay, only mine is whining). I'm just feeling lucky to have such good friends tonight is all. It's party time! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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