Saturday, November 5, 2011

Olive You Ladies

That was really bad, wasn't it? Sorry. But hey, I bet you thought I wasn't coming back! I know I promised a deep dive into the subject of sharing today, but I've had a long day, followed by a few martinis and I'm just not up for it tonight.

After a week of stressful fourteen-hour days, I crammed another fourteen hours of work into ten very intense hours today so I could leave work in time to celebrate National After Work Martini Day (I am pretty sure we made this up) with two very awesome ladies.

Alana drove me home from work and Chrisa met us at my apartment with booze and Thai food. We talked about work; we playfully debated the merits (or lack thereof) of a certain mutual acquaintance; and I caught the two married ladies up on the details of my dating life, as there are now details to catch up on (and a hilarious story or seven). I forgot dating can be hilarious.

Chrisa and Alana both re-imagined a vintage dressing table chair that I own and love, and Alana took it home to refinish it. Gypsy-Texican is what she's aiming for. All I know, and all I need to know, is that she's going to cover the seat in a fuchsia and turquoise fabric and there will be swirly, gold accents on the bone-white frame. I. Can't. Wait.

Man, I'm totally phoning this in. I know I'm going to read this in the morning and register for a remedial grammar class immediately following. Anyway, I have to work tomorrow in the morning, and in the evening I'll be...entertaining (both the verb and the adjective).

Until then...

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