Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blogging Naked

Nude 1 by amycgx
Nude 1, a photo by amycgx on Flickr.

I mentioned the other day that one of the things I agonized about before returning to the blogosphere was how much to share. I'm a very visible person professionally and socially and I'm not sure where to draw the line between enough and too much. I am not so concerned about my personal visibility--I know that everybody is 'weird' if you get to know them well enough. I'm cool with my weirdness and I know that anyone who takes exception to my weirdness is just throwing stones in a glass house. 

I think I'm more concerned about my professional image. How are people going to respect my judgement in situations with far-reaching consequences if they know that I know! *sigh* You know? I also, for some reason, brace against showing any signs of being human in the workplace. I cannot be vulnerable there. That is my livelihood. That's what pays my rent and feeds my face. That's what keeps my son in a dorm at a university. These are my first priorities. Hello, Maslow's Need Hierarchy

BUT--and there's always a but (and a butt...heh heh), I HATE censoring myself. One of the reasons my last blog fizzled is that I started feeling things that I was fine sharing with the world at large, but didn't want to share with people I would see all suited up Monday morning around a conference table. This issue has been the most paralytic for me.

Could people trust me professionally if they knew that I sometimes doubted myself? That I have never been in a relationship with a sane, stable man? That I've failed people I love. That I bleed when I'm cut? Well, I guess I'm fucked, because they do now! Kidding...sort of.

As I wrestled with this issue, I thought about the bloggers I know and love, and how and how much they shared. 

1. The Doctor Will See You Now: Chrisa Hickey blogs about mental health issues, and concentrates specifically on child and adolescent mental health issues. She's an inadvertent expert. She is raising two mentally ill teens (and has another adult child too). She blogs naked, but not simply for the sake of blogging naked. Just as you can't get a complete physical without disrobing, a parent of a mentally ill child can't easily talk about mental health without getting personal some of the time. Her blog is both pragmatic and heart-breakingly beautiful

2. All Gussied Up: Alana exudes creativity and design, as is evident at first glance of her very awesome blog, Kitschy Kitten. Like the subtitle says, it'a a wonderful blog full of good things--her crafty projects, her adventures in her vintage camper and updates about her beautiful family. She stays fully clothed, and very stylishly dressed...well, sometimes she lets her spaghetti straps fall down. 

3. Aaaaand, ACTION!: Paige Worthy is not shy and frequently blogs naked. On occasion, she pulls off the literary equivalent of cinematic full frontal and it is stunning. But her nudity is never gratuitous, and is always tasteful and integral to the scene. I greatly admire the finesse she puts on her craft.

4. Naked As The Day She Was Born: @Lilnerdette is a naked blogging warrior woman. She's quietly confident that we're all beautiful--even when we're ugly. She doesn't hide. When I read her posts, I want to be as naked and brave as she is.

So, where do I fall on the blogging naked spectrum? I don't know. I'll have to keep feeling my way around...


Chrisa said...

I think it's sort of like a relationship. You start, both literally and figuratively, fully clothed, and as you get more comfortable, you slowly shed layers until you are standing in your birthday suit.

I understand about wanting to keep a certain facade at work, and with the general public. But unless you have intentions of running for office, your vulnerabilities and flaws are what make you who you are, both personally and professionally.

You'll find your comfort level. And I bet, after time. you'll surprise yourself.

paige worthy said...

Oh man.
Well, thank you for mentioning me here…I'm sure you know that my brazen honesty and naked openness has gotten me into trouble more than a few times, personally and professionally.
If you're asking if you're saying too much, you probably are…the right balance will find you.

ShesAllWrite said...

Thanks Chrisa. I'll keep at it until I'm all nakers. *cue the music*

ShesAllWrite said...

Paige--excellent litmus test. You may have gotten your hands slapped here and there, but you're still your birthday suit sometimes.

Alana said...


You made me smile and swoon. Thank you for the sweet words. You amaze me. :)


lilnerdette said...

Wow, thanks for the endorsement there. I constantly go back and forth about this openness stuff on my blog, and in my head. I'm compulsively honest, and that gets me into trouble, mainly by people not being respectful of my candor. But hey, I'm pretty much anonymous because I write about stuff that involves real people. And I'd rather bitch about work or some lame friend in anonymity. Plus, I need to hone how to be able to talk about stuff by showing, not telling, make it compelling enough that people can connect to it, no matter who they are.

Ah, I'm long-winded, but I wanted to say thank you again for mentioning me in your post and thanks for daring to bare.